Ćuretina u sosu

This is why you will return to restaurant Giardino!

An attractive meal, a glass of exquisite drink, the sea view, and no city noise or stress.

What makes our specialties unique? Recipes that have been passed from generation to generation, traditional preparation and devotion to every guest. Do not be surprised if the food that you really liked once you tasted it, so you have decided to order it for the second time, does not look the same when it gets in front of you. Our chefs will often take a twig of rosemary or basil freshly harvested from our garden, and arrange your meal. But the taste will still be as you remembered.

Vegeterijanski pjat - pečurke na žaru

Although we take great pride in meat prepared under the bell (among grill and fish menu), we appreciate those who choose a different diet, and we also offer vegetarian type meals (tomato soup, salads as meals, grilled vegetables and fresh).

While we are preparing the main dish, we recommend a traditional appetizer in this region – smoked ham (prosciutto), cheese and olives. And for dessert, you may choose among our home-made cakes.

Menus are available in 8 foreign languages (English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Albanian, Polish and Turkish).


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