Roast Meat Under The Bell

Pečenje ispod sača

If you tried our roast lamb and veal prepared under the bell, you will come again.

Meat prepared this way is juicy because it is simultaneously baked and cooked in its own juices; slightly salty and so soft that it melts in your mouth. And in a pot, around meat, you will find potatoes, which is a delicacy itself.

Meat under the bell is “slow food”.


However, this slow process is the one that creates a harmony of flavors and tastes. And it is also mysterious – the chef lays pieces of meat, vegetables and herbs in a pot, covers it with the bell and leaves it covered until serving.

A quality wine is the perfect accompaniment to roast meat. We have prepared a rich offer, and our waiters are there to advise you unobtrusively.

Today, the restaurant Giardino is the place where relatives and friends gather in order to taste specialties and revive memories from the past.

From spring to autumn, they enjoy sea view from our garden, and when it is cold outside, sounds and heat from the fireplace inside.

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