Food Menu

Cold appetizers

Appertizer “Giardino” (300gr) – smoked ham from Njegusi, cream cheese, cheese
Njegusi Prosciutto (100gr) – Pork ham
Beef Prosciutto (100gr) – Beef ham
Baked beans (250gr) – beans, onion, peppers, spices
Olives (100gr)
Steak Tartare for two persons (250gr) – beef, capers, anchovies, parsley, onion, cucumber, salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, olives, mayonnaise, brandy, lemon juice, worcestershire souce, Tabasco, red and green paprika
Hot cream chesse (150gr)

Warm appetizers

Risotto “Giardino” (350g) – prawns, rice, tomato, white wine
Black risotto (300gr) – cuttlefish stew, rice, ink sac
Grilled mushrooms (300gr)
Stuffed mushrooms (300gr) – mushrooms, smoked ham, cream cheese
Breaded peppers stuffed with kaymak (300gr) – stuffed with cream cheese (kaymak)
Grilled vegetables (300gr)
Baked beans (250gr)
Breaded Hard Cheese (150gr)
Brusketi (200gr) – toast, tomato, garlic, spices


Veal soup (250gr)
Fish soup (250gr)
Tomato soup (250gr)

Main courses

Specialty “Giardino” for two (1.3kg) – pork fillet, mushrooms, smoked ham from Njegusi, cheese, french fries, stewed vegetables
Grilled beef steak (300g) – french fries, stewed vegetables
Beef steak in gorgonzola sauce (300gr) – gorgonzola, cream, spices, grilled vegetables
Beef steak in fine sauce (300gr) – tomato, bacon, rice, mushrooms, spices
Beef Steak Mario Zorzetto (300gr) – mushrooms, tomato, sour cream, french fries, stewed vegetables
Chateaubriand for two persons (700gr) – steak, Madeira sauce, french fries, rice, stewed vegetables, extras
Beef Stroganov (350g) – rice
Njegusi Stack (400gr) – smoked ham form Njegusi, cheese, french fries, stewed vegetables
Medallions with mushrooms (350g) – french fries, stewed vegetables
File Mignon in mushrooms sauce (350g)
Wraps a la Podgorica (350g) – pork, smoked ham, sour cream, french fries, stewed vegetables
Turkey Mix in gorgonzola sauce (350g) – white turkey meat, gorgonzola, cream, rice
Chicken in gorgonzola sauce (350g) – white chicken meat, gorgonzola, cream, potato croquettes
Steak Natur (350g) – french fries, stewed vegetables
Wiener Schnitzel (350g) – breaded steak, french fries, stewed vegetables
Karađorđeva steak (350g) – breaded steak filed with kaymak, french fries, stewed vegetables
Parisian (breaded) steak (350g) – breaded steak, french fries, stewed vegetables

National Dishes

Lamb under the bell (400gr) – potatoes under the bell
Goat under the bell (400gr) – potatoes under the bell
Veal under the bell (400gr) – potatoes under the bell

Grill Menu

Lamb Shashlik (350g) – french fries, onion
“Veshalitsa” Steak (350g) – laskar, french fries, onion
Stuffed “Veshalitsa” Steak (350g) – laskar, ham, cheese, french fries, onion
Shish Kebab (350g) – french fries, onion
Mixed Grill (700gr) – french fries, onion
Grilled Chicken breasts (350g) – french fries, onion
Chicken Legs (350g) – french fries, onion
Stuffed Chicken Leg (350g) – french fries, onion
Barbecue Sausage (350g) – french fries, onion
Kebab in bacon and cheese (350g) – french fries, onion
Kebabs (300gr) – french fries, onion
Kabobs on kaymak (300gr) – french fries, onion
Leskovac kebabs (300gr) – french fries, onion
Grilled Burger (300gr) – french fries, onion
Burger with domestic cream (kaymak) (300gr) – french fries, onion
Stuffed burger with domestic cream (kaymak) (350g) – french fries, onion
Gourmet Burger (350g) – french fries, onion
Leskovac Donuts (350g) – french fries, onion

Sea fish

Fish Plate “Giardino” for two (700gr) – sea fish, shrimp, squid, octopus, boiled potatoes, Swiss chard
Saltwater fish (1 kg) – sea bream, sea bass, tooth fish, turbot, boiled potatoes, Swiss chard
Grilled Squid (300gr) – boiled potatoes, Swiss chard
Breaded Squid (350g) – french fries
Stuffed Squid with prawns (400gr) – boiled potatoes, Swiss chard
Grilled Shrimps (300gr) – french fries
Shrimps bouzzara (in sauce) (300gr)


“Garden” salad for two persons
Shopska salad (300gr)
Greek salad (300gr)
Serbian salad (300gr)
Tsatsiki salad (300gr) – cucumber, sour cream, garlic
Potato salad (300gr)
Roasted Peppers (300gr)
Lettuce (200gr)
Tomato salad (200gr)
Tomato with cheese (300gr)
Cabbage salad (200gr)
Caprese salad (300gr) – tomato, mozzarella


Penne with 4 kinds of cheese (300gr)
Spaghetti with seafood (300gr)
Spaghetti Carbonara (300gr)
Spaghetti Milanese (300gr)


Goat cheese (100gr)
Cheese in olive oil (100gr)
Cream cheese (100gr)
Cheese Plate (150gr)


Dessert “Giardino”pancakes with ice cream and warm cherries
Pancakes in Wine Chateau
Fruit Salad
Homemade cake
Mixed fruit for two persons